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The GMO Corn Experiment

In The GMO Corn Experiment, hundreds of volunteer researchers are testing the hypothesis that wild animals such as squirrels and deer avoid GMO corn. Learn more about the experiment at Experiment.com and at Biofortified.org.

  • If you have an experiment kit, please use this website to enter your observations. Be sure to download the protocol before you get started.

  • If you would like an experiment kit or if you would like to make a donation to support this and other citizen science experiments, visit Biofortified.org

This is a blinded experiment, meaning that none of the citizen scientists conducting the experiment know which ears are GMO and which are not. The ear numbers and identities are in a encrypted file that anyone can download. Once the experiment is complete and all of the data has been collected, the encryption password will be shared on this website.

Download the encrypted ear information (in XLSX format)

The below checksums may be used to verfify that the file was not corrupted during download.

  • MD5 Hash - b663cda81644cc6075afa2e8eaca4352
  • SHA1 Hash - ebab4b5dce77c7bcb3ad6221097ab56b701817ce
  • SHA256 Hash - 3f4741d49ce51c2929974ece6de5099ce7b466abaa15b6869c159974d1b07922